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People talk about Kim - and the magic she's
helped them create:

“Every time I work with your concepts, more money comes in.”
— Dr. Samantha St. Julian, Leawood, KS,
“Kim, I’ve explored creating abundance in my life for a long time and working with your manifestation concepts is the culmination of it all. It is affirming for me to hear again what we have known deep down inside – that abundance is our God-given right. My thoughts are positive for long periods of time. When challenges come up there is now the observer in me looking at it in a logical way and not getting so caught up in the emotional aspect. I am creating abundance on many levels. It’s like the red carpet has rolled out and all I’ve got to do is remember my intentions and see them manifest.”
— Toni Schmidt, St. Louis, Missouri
“Kim, I just wanted to tell you we got a contract on one of our buildings today. The offer came in this morning and my husband signed it (along with his partner) this evening! It was not a ridiculously low bid either. It will give us a bit of a breather. We have gone from a feeling of desperation to one of HOPE. Thank you again for all the tools you taught me. I have been using them and will continue to do so. Something is working and I am EXTREMELY GRATEFUL! Thank you for being patient and kind to me.”
— Linda Potts, Hagerstown, MD

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" of the rare, skillful books that actually delivers what it promises. All the wisdom for embracing a life fully animate and thriving, open to the spiritual in the widest sense is beautifully articulated here." from the Foreword by Noirin Ni Riain, internationally celebrated sacred music vocalist and author of Listen with the Ear of the Heart



"You are here

to create magic

and miracles. 


Everything you need

is right here,

right now."

Photo by Maddie Willis


How does it feel to experience true

abundance, deeper knowingness, expansive spirituality and enhanced peace and joy . . . as if by magic?


You can find out.


All you need to do is remember who you really are.   



Are You A Spiritual Adventurer, Cutting Edge Entrepreneur, Healer, Enlightened Businessperson, Consciousness Seeker or Other Exceptional Individual Who Wants to Explore and Expand Your Potential?

Are you getting bored with life as usual?


Do you wish you knew what to do about those worries that have you staring at the ceiling at 4am? Do you ever wonder, "What am I doing here?"


Well, I think you're here
to create magic and miracles.


And my job is to help you remember how.


We live in rapidly changing times. 

Institutions, economies, governments and paradigms are disintegrating.  But what if we were made for these times? What if instability is a necessary precursor to your greatness?


No matter what is happening in your business, your personal life, or your world, everything you need to create the life of your heart’s deepest desires is right here, right now. 


The secret lies in conscious manifestation. 


Your free will is only as large as your level of consciousness.  As you become more aware of habitual patterns of perceiving, thinking, feeling, speaking and experiencing, you can consciously create stories about your life that serve you and support your potential. 


I’d like to begin helping you do that right now, with the free Conscious Manifestation eCourse.


All you need to do to get your first lesson is enter your first name and email at the top of the page.  You can get started immediately.


After you’ve done that, feel free to browse around and see whether anything here intrigues you, surprises you, makes you think.


And I’d love to hear from you.


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Remember, remember,
 remember who you are.

The Divine Marriage
has always been yours
for the asking.

From “Advice for Psyche”
©2009, Kimberly V. Schneider



Abundant Blessings,