How to Get Someone to Change

Ireland Immersion

The most common questions I receive from clients, readers and people who attend my workshops and retreats have to do with how to get other people to change. You know, things like: “Kimberly, how do I get my significant other to be more ________?” “How do I make my child listen?” My neighbor is driving me crazy. S/he is ___________ and it makes me _______________. Isn’t this ... continue reading >>

Meditation for Transforming Fear


Hello friends!  I’m writing you today to ask for prayers, and to talk about fear. Fear tends to get a bad rap, especially in spiritually focused circles. You know, the whole choose love vs. choose fear thing. And I get it, because when we REACT out of fear, the results usually aren’t so great. At the same time, I think it’s important to recognize that fear, like all emotions, including ... continue reading >>

Once in a Blue Moon

At dusk tonight, the ancient Irish season of Lughnasadh begins on the Celtic calendar. Lughnasadh is the season of The Reaper—that harvesting energy that cuts down grain, for instance, so it can be become bread. (In the early Christian church, August 1 became Lammas, or Loaf Mass, a celebration of grain being transformed into bread for the Eucharist). Why is this relevant now, when so few of ... continue reading >>

9 Ways to Awaken Wonder

terrible beauty

If you’ve lived long enough, then you’ve probably been through at least one intense life challenge that thrust you into a precarious time. A precarious time is one in which prayer, or wonder, is the only reasonable response because logic can never take you where you want to go. Many different kinds of experiences can push you into a precarious time. Someone leaves. A loved one dies. You ... continue reading >>

The One Answer to Every Problem

Happy Beltane! Beltane is the ancient Irish name for the season of summer, which begins (in the old Celtic calendar anyway) on the evening of April 30.   It’s a time to celebrate creativity, wonder, connection, fertility, sensuality, and abundance.  A time to throw all of your cares into the bonfire and dance the night away, allowing the fruitful energies of the sun and earth to move through ... continue reading >>

Magic or Miracle…What’s the Difference?

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jennifer Urrezio, author of Soul Language, for her podcast show Soul on the Run. The mission of Soul on the Run is to help you to transform your life by connecting to your Soul in your car, at the gym or in your everyday movements of your life, Jennifer and I talked about How to Manifest Magic and Miracles in Precarious Times. The ... continue reading >>

Celtic Spirituality Looks Like This


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Since I often teach and write about Celtic Spirituality, this time of year people tend to ask me, “What do you mean by Celtic Spirituality, anyway?” I could answer that question in many ways, but today, since the breeze has been warmer and the ground has thawed and I am feeling my soul expanding in sync with the earth, I will tell you a story about the arrival of ... continue reading >>

A St. Patrick’s Day Prayer

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Happy St. Patrick's Day! St. Patrick brought the mystery and deep wisdom of the ancient Celtic traditions into the Christian paradigm. I find so many things to appreciate in St. Patrick, including his choice to turn the childhood trauma of his kidnapping and enslavement into an adult opportunity for healing and a different sort of connection with the Irish people, a connection rooted in ... continue reading >>

Your Life Is an Epic Journey

Have you ever considered that the best stories, the truly epic stories, involve all sorts of adventures? In those stories, the heroines and heroes are tested to their limits. They experience wild rides—spectacular ups and downs. Sometimes, they have intense conflicts with those they cherish most. They make mistakes.  And the mistakes show them something they needed to ... continue reading >>

Why You Want to Stop Trying to Create a New You

Stone Circle

Happy New Year! There’s something powerfully symbolic about opening to January 1 on your new calendar (or seeing the new number on your electronic schedule). It feels like it might be an opening, an invitation to step into fresh possibilities. And indeed, it is. And yet, within a few days or weeks, many people feel discouraged because they’ve fallen back into habitual patterns that ... continue reading >>