A summer prayer/poem

By Kimberly Schneider | June 20, 2014

Happy summer!

It’s been awhile since I’ve reached out to connect with my readers, so I’m writing today to wish you well, share a little news from my life, and offer a poem for summer.

While officially summer begins tomorrow in the U.S., according to Celtic Cosmology, we’re already deep into summer.  In fact, in the ancient way of reckoning, “midsummer” comes in just a few days, on June 24th.

That we’re already half-way through summer feels right to me, as the past few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity, changes and shifts in our family–and we’re now less than two months away from the date we’ll drop our oldest off at college.

Our daughter Maddie graduated from high school in mid-May with clear purpose and excitement about her next phase of life.  We are thrilled for her and I have to admit being a bit melancholy too, as I will really miss her insights about life, her humor and her companionship once she’s gone.  For now, we are relishing the time we have with her and feeling privileged to support her in planning and dreaming.

Our youngest, Bridget had a big milestone too, finishing up at middle school and getting ready for high school next year–she turned 14 this week!

A few weeks after the girls finished the school year, my husband David’s mom died after a long struggle with Alzheimer’s.  Our family has been dealing with all the emotions and activities that accompany such a huge letting go.

Through it all, I had some sort of respiratory virus that was teaching me (again) about humility and acceptance, releasing control and being tender with myself.

Mercifully, I was almost fully recovered by last weekend, when my Mom and I facilitated a Celtic Wisdom retreat for 50 people here it St. Louis.  It was so much fun to work with Mom, and connect with many wonderful spiritual seekers, and it heightened our excitement about our upcoming retreat in Ireland.

This week I’ve been relaxing into the open space and ease of summer, celebrating birdsong and bike rides, the lazy afternoons reading on the porch and watching the fireflies come out at twilight all the sweeter in the wake of David’s mom’s transition and our heightened awareness of how brief and precious this life really is.

Yesterday I got to see a baby robin leave its nest under the eaves of our front porch.  Its mother seemed to be celebrating, swooping down to offer the new flyer  food and encouragement.  I thought, of course, about Maddie getting ready to leave for college.   I’m also smiling at the thought of the Universe as a mother bird, celebrating each of our milestones in life, including that huge transition to the other side of the veil.

I like to think that we are never truly alone, that for each letting go and moving on there are guides and guardian angels, ancestors and saints, faces of God beside us, behind us and before us, sending us on and cheering us along and welcoming us into our new stages of being.

So with that in mind, I offer you this celebratory poem called Samhradh (Irish for summer).  I composed it in the style of the ancient Irish “I AM” poems honoring the many ways the Divine shows itself to us.


I am the smile of the lover,

I am the infant at the breast,

I am the beckoning horizon

I call the fledgling from the nest.


I am the sweetness of the berry,

I am the alchemy of yeast,

I am desire and consummation,

I am the music at the feast.


I am the light that shines in darkness,

I am the wisdom born of pain,

I am the power of transformation,

I am the Everlasting Flame.


I am the flower of compassion,

I am spirit come to earth,

I am the healing of all that is broken,

I am the effervescent mirth.

            copyright 2012, Kimberly V. Schneider


summer in Ballyvaughan, County Clare, Ireland

summer in Ballyvaughan, County Clare, Ireland








May we all savor this abundant season!

Many Blessings to you and yours,



The Manifestation Maven


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How the Worst Day Can Make Way for the Best…

By Kimberly Schneider | May 14, 2014

Happy May!

I had a pretty difficult Mother’s Day.

Honestly, I am hoping yours was better than mine!

And yet, the pain I felt on Sunday ended up giving way to sweetness and peace yesterday.

So maybe a “bad” Mother’s Day isn’t such a bad thing, after all.

Let me explain.

Sunday started out wonderfully; my husband David and I took a hike, one of our favorite activities to do together.

We explored a new trail, climbed up a streambed to check out an old cave mouth, and encountered butterflies along the way.  The sun was breaking through the clouds as we talked and laughed, and there was just enough coolness in the warm breeze to make outdoor exercise delightful.

Later, we took the girls out to eat and had a tasty lunch on an outdoor patio, where David, Maddie and Bridget gave me cards and presents.

Sounds pretty nice, right?

And it was, until THE TANTRUM.

I’ll spare you the details of Bridget’s meltdown.

Let’s just say it was…ugly.

And it did not bring out the best in any of the rest of us either.

When we got home, I headed out to the hammock by myself, to have a good cry.

I’ve been a parent for 18 years, and I’ve encountered my fair share of tantrums and family messiness.

So, one tantrum, regardless of size, would not usually be enough to ruin my day.

But these sorts of scenes have been building in intensity and frequency of late at our house, and I just didn’t know what to do.

I felt overwhelmed, and, honestly, like a bit of a failure.

Confronting my failure as a mother on Mother’s Day.

Yes, yes, I know.  We moms are not supposed to judge ourselves based on our kids’ behavior.  We really can’t take all the blame for their problems (or, for that matter, credit for their successes).

And yet, I felt at such a loss.

I just didn’t know where to go from here.

So I cried for quite awhile.

While I was crying, I kept surrendering to what I teach, that everything I needed was right here, hard as it was to believe.  (I have to admit here that I also had thoughts along the lines of “seriously? On Mother’s Day? Can’t I catch a break today at least?”)

But I’d been praying for help with this situation, so I had to trust that somewhere, in the midst of this chaos, was an answer.

A kind answer.

An answer meant to help me, and help my family.

And indeed, in the quiet minutes I took for myself that evening, and again the next day, I realized that this difficult encounter was an invitation to re-engage with our daughter.

If you’ve been around adolescents, then you know that the transition into the teen years can be challenging for everyone.  There are lots of demands for independence, combined with ambivalence about growing responsibility and looming adulthood.  It’s like toddlerhood all over again, only this time, you can’t pick up the kid and carry her out of the restaurant.

Throw in the typical hormonal upheaval.  Add a developmental disability.  And just for fun, also add a sibling getting ready to move away, one parent dealing with Alzheimer’s in the family and the other dealing with her own hormonal swings (TMI? Well, what can I say? That’s the reality of my life now)… and you have…well…a mess.

After just sitting with our family mess for a day or so, meditating with it and praying about it, I realized that I had been withdrawing from the mess.

Withdrawing from our family, and my life.

Withdrawing from Bridget, withdrawing from the unprocessed adolescent angst I was still carrying around in my own body, and withdrawing, too, from the anticipatory grief I’m holding as we prepare to take Maddie to college in a few months.

The natural tendency for all of us when we encounter messiness is to move away.

To go somewhere simpler, saner, and less painful.

And yet, as I’ve been teaching for decades, and re-learning lately in my yin yoga classes, transformation happens when we stay.

When we choose to be present to the mess.

To trust that there’s a blessing in there, somewhere.

So Tuesday, I kept Bridget home because I realized that in the midst of her big transitions, Bridget needs more clarity and reassurance that she is safe.  And that I’m not going anywhere, even when it gets tough.

And I, too, needed reassurance—reassurance that I’m capable of being fully present to my own intensity and to, as John Kabat-Zinn calls it, the “full catastrophe” of life.

I set aside all the things I usually use to distract myself (social media, TV, checking my email, work) and instead chose to be with her and myself (I got a little yoga and meditation in while she was reading a book to our cat).

Bridget and I were in sync most of the time, completely engaged in procuring materials to make a visual schedule for her here at home, like the one she has at school.  We found images online to represent her daily activities, then printed and laminated the pictures (this was astonishingly exciting for her!)  We went to the craft store to buy Velcro so she could attach the appropriate activities to her daily schedule board.  And together we picked out the images for the rest of that afternoon.

We did have a couple of power struggles.

And I stayed.

It was a sweet, sweet day.

And that evening before bed, we snuggled for a long while, saying nothing, contentedly breathing in each other’s nearness.

We hadn’t put an image for snuggling on her visual schedule.  Maybe we’ll do that tonight.  I think any life could benefit from a little more snuggling.

I won’t pretend that Bridget and I are done with power struggles, or with the infinite ways life can prove difficult to navigate.

Just for today, though, I’m going to enjoy the grace that came with the staying.

And I’m hoping that next time, I’ll remember to stay, again.

If you’d like to further explore the idea of staying in the midst of the mess (Everything You Need Is Right Here, after all!), along with other tenets of Celtic Wisdom such as Encountering the Sacred in the Ordinary, Connecting with the Numinous through Nature and the Elements, and Interacting with the Unseen World, I hope you will join my Mom and me June 13-14 for a 22 hour retreat at Mercy Center in St. Louis! New Awakenings Community is sponsoring us for a program we’re calling God in Every Breath: Falling in Love with Life through the Wisdom of the Ancient Celts.  If you want more info, just message me here, email me at support@KimberlySchneider.com or message me on Facebook http://Facebook.com/KimberlyVSchneider to request a brochure.

We would love to see you there!

Wishing you the peace that passes understanding,

The Manifestation Maven

Request Kimberly’s free Conscious Manifestation eCourse and you’ll also receive the introduction and sample chapter of her book, Everything You Need Is Right Here: Five Steps to Manifesting Magic: http://www.TheManifestationMaven.com

What’s Really Happening Here…

By Kimberly Schneider | April 23, 2014

Appearances can be deceiving.

So deceiving, in fact, that most of our difficulties arise out of responding to what’s apparent on the surface, instead of what’s really happening.

And that usually causes us to crash and burn.

My husband is licensed as an instrument-rated private pilot.  He’s told me that one of the most difficult things to learn when a pilot is flying through thick clouds, where sight can’t help you tell up from down, is to disregard the sensations of your body.

Humans weren’t really designed for flying through space at high speeds, especially when the ground isn’t visible.  When you can’t see the ground, your body can’t accurately process the information it is receiving.  Therefore, it may get really confused about where it is in space.

And so, when you’re thousands of feet from the earth and you’ve got your hands on the controls of a plane, you have to ignore your body’s signals, and the resultant freaking-out that your ego is doing about whether you’re going to die because you can’t tell earth from sky.  Instead you must trust the data coming to you from your instruments, even though they don’t correspond with what you are feeling.

Similarly, when things get bumpy and confusing in life, if you act based on what seems obvious, or what your ego thinks is going on, you aren’t likely to like what happens next.

Rather than reacting reflexively, you’ve got to trust the guidance of your soul, your Essential Self, at those turbulent times.

Because your soul always knows where you are, whether it’s apparent to your ego or not.

So if you are in one of those foggy moments,

when nothing makes sense,

and you’re not sure where you are going,

and the ground beneath your feet has fallen away to such an extent that you don’t even know where it’s gone,

or whether you’ll ever feel grounded again,

you’ve got to trust your instruments.

Don’t act out of panic.

Instead, be still and know.

Wait for the inner guidance that comes from a place of peace.

Everything You Need Is Right Here.

I promise.

Sending love and bright blessings your way, today and always,

P.S. The idea that reality is what’s going on beneath the surface is rooted in Celtic Spirituality. Making ancient Celtic wisdom relevant for modern seekers is one of my great passions, which is why I’m going to be offering another Celtic Spirituality Retreat June 13-14, this time with my wise and wonderful MomGod in Every Breath: Falling in Love with Life through the Wisdom of the Ancient Celts will explore tenets of Celtic Spirituality through story, poetry, reflections, small group process and exercises designed to open the “door between the worlds” so you can experience the Divine in a new way.  The program is sponsored by New Awakenings Community in St. Louis.  If you’d like more info, just comment below, message me on Facebook http://Facebook.com/KimberlyVSchneider or email me at support@KimberlySchneider.com  and I’ll send you the brochure , or you can also ask questions about the retreat and find out how to register by contacting Peg Burdge  314-965-0983.  I’d love to see you there!



The Manifestation Maven




How Being Foolish Can Awaken Beauty

By Kimberly Schneider | April 1, 2014

Happy April Fool’s Day!

I never imagined when I was younger that this day would become a holiday favorite of mine, but it has, because my idea of what it means to be a fool has transformed.

The very young and the wise both seem foolish, because they shun convention in favor of following the whispers of their souls.

Those whispers may lead them into risky, or even dangerous places.

The innocent behave foolishly because they don’t know any better.

The wise behave foolishly because they understand that safety and control are illusions, and that the path of the fool is the path that awakens beauty.

The first time I visited Ireland, I realized I’d lost touch with my inner Fool.

Grief, heartache, and my desire for predictability and control had gradually eroded my senses and my heart.

I’d lost the ability to experience Beauty.  I’d gone to sleep.

Thank Heaven, the elemental and raw nature of western Ireland shook me from my numb slumber.

I awoke again to the joy and pain and exquisite beauty in my life.

I started writing poetry again.

I laughed, and I cried.  A lot.

I felt raw, and vulnerable and a little bit afraid—but exhilarated too.

I remembered that I was alive.  I remembered how to breathe.

That experience was so potent and powerful for me that I’ve returned to Ireland three more times since then, inviting other spiritual adventurers with me, and we’re going again this summer.

Seven people, including two who’ve made the trip with me before, are meeting my family and me in western Ireland in July for a weeklong Irish Immersion experience.

We have room for two or three more people.

Would you like to join us?

If you are:

~in transition, or longing to make a change

~looking for perspective

~wanting to step outside of normalcy

~seeking something sacred inside yourself that you can carry home with you

Then maybe this experience is a good fit for you.

The deadline for registering is May 1, or whenever the last few spots are filled (the cottages I have reserved will fit 2 or 3 more people, depending on whether rooms are shared).

Details are all at my website—watch the video and then scroll down on the page for more info.


May you awaken to the Beauty in your life.

And may you always remember the joys of being foolish.




The Manifestation Maven


Request Kimberly’s free Conscious Manifestation eCourse and you’ll also receive the introduction and sample chapter of her book, Everything You Need Is Right Here: Five Steps to Manifesting Magic:


A St. Pat’s Blessing, Irish Music and a Slide Show

By Kimberly Schneider | March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you!


Whether or not you have any connection to the

Irish-ness so many people around the world celebrate

today, I invite you to step into the wisdom of one of

St. Patrick’s greatest insights: that the Otherworld

is all around us and that the Divine pulses in and through

every particle of your being.


I was fortunate to dip into that reality in a spectacular

way earlier this month, when I participated

in the Celtic Soul Experience with Irish brothers and singers

Owen and Moley O’Suilleabhain 

and the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet.

I’m still integrating the wonder and joy of those days

so I decided that the best way to share a bit of the magic

with you would be to create a short slide show of

photos from the weekend, set to one of Owen and Moley’s songs.  If

you’d like to get a taste of our time together,

you can watch that right here (it takes a few moments to load):


(Photos by Linda Behrens and Liz Schneider photography)

I hope you enjoy it! If you want to read about Owen and Moley, or hear more of their music, their website is: 



The Celtic Soul Experience was part of the

Together in Faith Series created by the

Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet.  You

can see what else the Sisters are offering this

year at:



Finally, here’s an adapted

version of St. Patrick’s prayer for you, which I sometimes

say with my morning meditation and prayers:


Christ* before me, Christ behind me, Christ under my feet…

Christ within me, Christ over me, let all around me be Christ…

Christ in every thought, word and deed…

Christ in every wave and every particle….

Christ in every heartbeat and breath. 

Christ be in the space between me and everyone I encounter today.

Christ on the lips of those who speak of me, the

minds of those who think of me, the hearts of those

who feel about me. Christ in my blood and bone,

Christ in every cell and wave and particle and in

the space around me. Christ guide me, inspire

me, protect me and encourage me, Christ be with me,

today and always, in all ways.


(*Note: use whatever word you like to represent the aspect of

Divinity you wish to invoke with this prayer).


I invite you to create a similar prayer for yourself

to remind you that the Divine is with you always,

in all ways…in fact, YOU are a spark of Divinity.

You are an expression of Essence.


You are a manifestation of the All that Is.


May the wonder of that knowingness

rise up inside you today

and fill your heart with love

and laughter.



The Manifestation Maven



Request Kimberly’s free Conscious Manifestation eCourse and you’ll also receive the introduction and sample chapter of her book, Everything You Need Is Right Here: Five Steps to Manifesting Magic:


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Do You Have this sort of Patience?

By Kimberly Schneider | March 5, 2014

Patience isn’t a strong point for many of us.

It’s hard to be patient when you’re waiting for something exciting, like a party, or a reunion with a loved one.

And when you feel sad, or anxious, or troubled in any way, it is also hard to be patient while you wait for easier times.

The funny thing is though, that if we don’t choose to cultivate patience, we just might miss the really great moments: those joyful ones we’ve been anticipating, and even those that come in the midst of great trauma or ordinary days—those gifts of Grace that somehow reach our weary souls like the sun suddenly breaking through the grey of a cloud-covered sky.

So I’m working on that patience thing.

Because really, patience is about having the courage to show up for this moment now, whatever it is bringing.  It’s about welcoming all things, and choosing to trust that there’s a blessing in the midst of it.  

And when you do that on a regular basis, here’s what happens:

problems get solved without your intervention

* you see what you couldn’t see before

* you begin to trust life, as you recognize the miracles that have been happening around you all along

Practicing patience, practicing Presence, is an art.

You will never have “made it;” it’s not something you figure out how to do perfectly, or every time (well, at least, I haven’t figured out how to do that).

But if you set an intention to practice the art of Presence, and keep choosing that intention again and again and again, you’ll experience your life.  You’ll be here.  You will be participating in the magic.

And that’s worth being here for.

I’ll leave you with a little passage I wrote about practicing Presence—I was inspired by a Lao Tzu poem, so I adapted it for a speech I recently gave about “The 6 Ps of Presence” at a corporate meeting:

Do you have the patience to pause

until your mind settles and the next step is clear? 

Can you remain unmoving

until the right action arises on its own? 

The Artist is not attached to the answer.

Living the questions,

the Artist is Present,

and can welcome all things. 

Adapted from Lao-Tzu by Kimberly Schneider, 2014

May you have the Presence to relish the art that shows up as this life of yours!

And if you want to join me in stepping into Presence, and Renewal, and Transformation and Joy, I hope you’ll come to the Celtic Soul Experience this weekend! Irish singing/songwriting brothers Owen and Moley O’Suilleabhainand I will be offering a Renewal Retreat inspired by Celtic Spirituality this Saturday, March 8th, in St. Louis.  All seekers/paths/traditions welcome! And on Friday night, March 7th, the lads will be opening the weekend with a smashing concert that also includes St. Louis favorites Stickley and Canan.  You can get your tickets right now at:


I hope to see you there!





The Manifestation Maven


Request Kimberly’s free Conscious Manifestation eCourse and you’ll also receive the introduction and sample chapter of her book, Everything You Need Is Right Here: Five Steps to Manifesting Magic: http://www.TheManifestationMaven.com


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A Blessing to Renew Your Spirit (spring WILL come!)

By Kimberly Schneider | February 23, 2014

It’s been a long, cold winter!

So when February arrived, and with it, the beginning of Imbolc (the Celtic season of spring and renewal), I wanted to do something to tap into the energy still well-hidden beneath the snow, ice and bitter winds we’ve had the past several weeks.

Inspired by the I AM songs of ancient Ireland, I wrote a praise poem to connect with the promise of this season.

I’d like to share it with you now, with a wish that it will awaken your own spirit to the sense of hope and renewal held deep within the heart of spring:


I am the poet’s inspiration

I am the fire in the head

I am the time of wish and wanting

I am the longing to be fed.


I am the first step on the journey

I am the threading of the loom

I am the healing power of Brigid

I am the quickening in the womb.


I am the promise in the crescent 

I am the crocus on the snow

I am the smile after grieving

I am the song that soothes the soul.


I am the magic of transformation

I am the trickle from the thaw

I am joyful expectation

I am wonder, hope and awe.

©2014 Kimberly V. Schneider

The birds are finally singing again here in St. Louis, the days are getting longer and the ground is starting to thaw.

I’m sending some warmer breezes and birdsong your way!

And if you’d like to deepen into this season of wonder, hope and awe, I hope you will join me and the fantastically brilliant Irish singing/songwriting brothers Owen and Moley O’Suilleabhain for one day retreat on March 8th!


Owen and Moley live in NYC now and are becoming very well known, not only for the Celtic wisdom they embody, but also for the way they transmit joy through their music! The brothers count Steven Spielberg, Russell Crowe and David Whyteamong their collaborators and fans, and I’m so honored to be creating this retreat with them.  It will be an intimate day of poetry, music and experiential exercises designed to renew your spirit and transform your life! Please consider coming to the concert the night before as well; if you come to both events you can get specially-priced tickets.


Hope to see you there, and please spread the word to anyone you know who might be blessed by the retreat or the concert. I’m delighted to be sharing the magic of Owen and Moley with my part of the world.




The Manifestation Maven



Request Kimberly’s free Conscious Manifestation eCourse and you’ll also receive the introduction and sample chapter of her book, Everything You Need Is Right Here: Five Steps to Manifesting Magic and Miracles.


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The John O’Donohue, David Whyte, Owen and Moley Connection

By Kimberly Schneider | February 11, 2014

Hello friends!

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day!

My own heart is full today as I prepare to share a guest post about the globalization of Celtic Wisdom from Irish singer/songwriter Owen O’Suilleabhain, who will be visiting St. Louis in just a few weeks with his brother Moley for a concert and a Celtic Spirituality retreat (which I’ll be facilitating with them).

Owen sent along a lovely letter he wrote to the Sisters of St. Joseph, who are sponsoring the Celtic Soul Experience with Owen, Moley and me, offering a little of their history and heritage, not only through their illustrious parents but also through their friendship and mentorship with John Donaghue (or O’Donohue, as we knew him in the states), and David Whyte.

I’m deeply honored to be collaborating with Owen and Moley and so, so happy to be sharing their special magic with my hometown of St. Louis.  I think you’ll enjoy Owen’s perspective on our U.S. interest in the Irish Celtic tradition:

February 11th, 2014

New York,

Dear Sisters, and the community of St. Joseph of Carondelet St Louis,

On Friday and Saturday, the 7th and 8th of March, my brother and I will be visiting you in the great gateway city of St. Louis. For us, this is a real return to the journey that our mother Nóirín Ní Riain, and our father Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin started 30 years ago.

Along with the great poet, philosopher and mystic John O Donaghue, our parents were part of a great rediscovery and redemption of the Irish Celtic tradition. Many times in Ireland’s history has this lineage been called upon, but during the time of John, this ancient Celtic wisdom met with that contemporary energy of Globalization, and something very special happened.

This was the time of the New-Age, the first time we spoke of World Music or the Global Village, and within this dizzying context perhaps the intimacy of local wisdom was amplified in a very curious way.

The work of the poet David Whyte has also been pivotal, especially within the context of the United States, and how the culture of the corporation is having to sit down and have a real adult conversation with itself, and with the globe it finds itself Globalizing.

Now, for the past two years, my brother and I have been retracing the steps of our parents, of John O Donaghue, and of David Whyte, and we have been singing the songs of our heritage, telling the stories that have been passed down to us, but also, just as importantly, reimagining and reinventing our self-expression in a way that it totally authentic for us and for the audience.

We know that there is a story greater than ourselves at play here; a story that we all share together that will only really become apparent in clear light of hindsight.

Till then, let’s share together in the moment and celebrate and rejoice together on these very special days in beautiful St Louis. 

Owen Ó Súilleabhain


I do so hope you get to experience Owen and Moley in person someday, whether it is here in St. Louis on March 7th and 8th http://togetherinfaithseries.com/2014/01/02/march-7-8-celtic-soul-experience-2/, or nearer your own home, or at a David Whyte program.  Their music, and their joy-infused spirits, will open your heart.

Deep peace to you!



The Manifestation Maven


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How to Know if Your Heart Is Celtic

By Kimberly Schneider | February 6, 2014

     Valentine’s Day is next week. In my house, along with expressions of affection for our loved ones, Feb. 14th also means we’ve just celebrated Imbolc, and St. Patrick’s Day is coming.

You may not have known that February 1st marks the beginning of spring (Imbolc) in the Celtic calendar and perhaps you don’t yearn to head to an Irish pub for traditional music when March 17th arrives.  But even if that’s true, and even if you don’t have a drop of Irish, Scottish or Welsh blood, you might have a Celtic heart.

How do you know your heart is Celtic? Here are a few clues:

~You are capable of wonder.

~You encounter the sacred in the rituals of everyday life.

~You’re connected to people who’ve passed on.

~Beauty can move you to tears.

~The sky, the sea, the animals and the trees sometimesspeak to you.

~You know that words have power.

~Your soul is hungry for LIFE.

~You believe anything is possible (or at least, you want to believe it).

If any of these statements describe you (or you wish that they did), you might want to explore the spirituality of the Celts.

Celtic tribes made their way across a huge expanse of the Eurasian continent at different points in history. “The Celts,” as we now call them, were not one distinct people, but many different groups loosely connected through shared traditions and perspectives.  And we can’t state with certainty what spirituality meant to the Celts, since their sacred teachings were not recorded in writing.  Only clues remain.  In mythology and archaeology, and in the stories, music, poems and traditions still found in rural Ireland, we can catch glimpses of who they were, and what they believed.

But we don’t need, nor should we try, to replicate history.  The problems and opportunities of today’s world require more of us than imitations.  They ask us to be here, now.  Present and aware, with our sense of wonder reawakened to hear the whisperings of the Divine.  Open to possibilities.  Receptive to the song on the wind, the message in the sky, the wisdom of our ancestors inspiring our modern Celtic hearts.

Close your eyes.

Feel how your heart beat echoes the heart of the earth.

Open yourself to receive the love that’s waiting for you in every breath.  It’s been here all along.

Have a Celtic heart then, have you?

If you do, I hope you’ll join us for a Celtic Spirituality Retreat in Ireland in July, www.KimberlySchneider.com/trips, and/or the Celtic Soul Experience Retreat I’m facilitating with Irish singing/songwriting brothers Owen and Moley O’Suilleabhain in St. Louis March 8th! Owen and Moley are also putting on a not-to-be missed concert featuring a mix ofIrish folk songs, sacred music and their fresh and inspirational pop tunes.  If you want to attend both the retreat and concert, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, who are sponsoring the programs, are offering a discount.  Get all the details at


Wishing you all the love available to you on Valentine’s Day and always.



The Manifestation Maven



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How to Change Everything, Right Now

By Kimberly Schneider | January 23, 2014

Most people who engage me for Life and Business Alchemy coaching, attend my programs, or read my books are looking to make some sort of change.

You might believe that change is hard, and that it takes a long time.

And I suppose that’s true–if you follow the common wisdom about how to create change (you know: set goals; take action toward those goals; work hard; no pain, no gain…yada yada)

But if you want to experience transformational change right now, then the common wisdom is wrong.

In order to bring about transformational change, you need uncommon wisdom.

The uncommon wisdom I’m talking about is not new.

In fact, it’s been around for ages.

It’s just that hardly anyone actually applies it.

Mystics, shamans, radical rabbis, medicine women, monks, druids and priestesses have been saying it forever:

Change your consciousness; change your life. 

But how do you DO that?

Ah, here’s where we see the importance of asking the right question.

Because, by focusing on doing, we’re back to the well-worn path of common wisdom.

Uncomming wisdom tells us that DO-ing is far less important than the BE-ingness out of which the doing arises.

In other words, you must first connect with your Source, the Essence of All that Is, the Divine Wisdom that lives in you, and BE that, just for a moment.

When you re-member who you are in this way, you realize that all the external things you thought you needed to change (including how much money you make, the state of your relationships, your habits, your career, how much you weigh…you get the idea now, right?) are irrelevant.

Because all of those things are only manifestations of your inner state of being.

And who you are in any given moment changes everything. 

So here’s an example of the sorts of questions that transform consciousness:

Who do I want to BE?

And what would THAT PERSON do, right now? 

Far out, huh?

You don’t have to take my word for this.

Just play around with it and watch what happens.

And if you are going to DO anything today, do whatever you need to do that allows your natural state of wonder and receptivity to emerge.

And then, from that state of wonder and receptivity, follow wherever you’re led.

It’s magic.

For me, on this frigid winter day, that means dancing around my family room to Talking Heads, Johnny Cash and Modern English (how do the words “Burning Down the House” “Ring of Fire” or “Melt with You” sound right now, if you’re digging out from that Polar Vortex?)

May the fire of your creative spirit lead you into the life you love!

And if you have any interest in playing around with these ideas in company with me and a couple of hilarious, joy-filled, ultra-talented Irish singing/songwriting brothers, come to our Celtic Spirituality Retreat on March 8th! 

We’ll have a transformational day of wonder together. If you want to make a weekend out of it, the night before the retreat you can come to the sure-to-be-brilliant concert featuring the lads I mentioned (Owen and Moley O’Suilleabhain). The location where the retreat and the concert are being held (the gorgeous Motherhouse of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet) even has some accommodations available, if you’re coming in from out of town.  Find out all the details here:


Hope to see you there!

Love and Blessings,



The Manifestation Maven


Request Kimberly’s free Conscious Manifestation eCourse and you’ll also receive the introduction and sample chapter of her book, Everything You Need Is Right Here: Five Steps to Manifesting Magic and Miracles. http://www.TheManifestationMaven.com 

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