Kim's goal is to emposer everyone.

Kimberly says:

“My goal is to empower people to become conscious manifesters all over the planet. When a person takes complete responsibility for her level of consciousness, thoughts and beliefs, emotions, feelings, actions and results, major change happens. It’s my honor and privilege to see this happen every day for the people I coach personally.”

Baeth Davis

Baeth Davis says:

“Kimberly Schneider is a brilliant and insightful business coach. She can see the KEY aspect of a business to leverage for multiple streams of income.  In watching her work with the other members of my Phenomenal Women Coaching Circle, Kim instantly identified the time-wasters and the money-makers in each person’s business model. In one instance, she gave a member ideas for three additional revenue streams this month! She is one of the finest coaches I have personally had the privilege to see in action. If you need to up-level your business and create additional revenue streams that honor your value system and excite you business mind, Kim is your coach!” Baeth Davis, The Hand Analyst,
“The Palm Pilot for The Soul of Your Business™” Winner, 2007-2008 Glazer-Kennedy Information Marketer of the Year

Coaching, Counseling and Consulting.


If you are seeking any of these things:



…Then you’ve come to the right person.


“…no words to express my heartfelt appreciation…”

“There are no words to express the heartfelt appreciation of someone who holds you accountable without judgment, guides one through emotional mazes and helps you understand what is going on energetically. You cannot lead where you haven’t walked before and there is an enormous difference between well-intentioned hands and competent hands. Something like Bon Voyage and lots of luck versus a GPS route…a route with tools for future adventure.”

Terry Allen
Crestwood, Missouri

Physical Therapist and Energetic Healer


How does transformational change happen? 

Alan Deutchman, author of Change or Die, identified three keys to change in life and work:

  1. Relationship—ongoing connection with a person and/or group who inspires hope and belief and shows you how to change;
  2. Repeating—practicing new skills and daily habits over and over until they become natural so that the change “sticks;”
  3. Reframing—the ongoing practice of new skills and habits within the context of a supportive relationship gives rise to insights that allow you to think in a new way.


Kimberly incorporates all three elements in her coaching, along with magic, humor, compassion, decades of experience and a real-life understanding of what it takes to navigate through precarious personal and business situations with grace and ease. 


“…tremendous changes in my life and business…”


“Working with Kimberly Schneider in her Alchemy of Business program has made tremendous changes in my life and business. It is the best thing I have ever done. I’ve grown tremendously as a person because Kim not only has a brilliant business mind but she is highly intuitive and can help you uncover the personal issues that are getting in the way in your life and business. I would not have considered doing a program like this with anyone but Kim.”

Marilyn Eagen, The Hormone Harmonizer,


“Happily married for the first time in my life”

“I came to Kim because I was afraid. I had some trauma that made me feel ashamed and scared. Even though I already had a following as an artist, inside I was hiding and not able to share the deepest part of me. Now I am able to say I feel loveable and I am happy to be married for the first time in my life at the age of 54. I feel present in my body and alive inside.”

Holly Hughes
Pilot Grove, Missouri
Artist, Sculptor, Energy Worker


“…was the turning point that finally moved me forward…”

“I have known and worked with Kimberly for years and have always benefited tremendously from her insightful, creative, compassionate, helpful, meaningful, practical and useful personal and career coaching advice. I am always pleased to highly recommend her products and services to my friends and clients. My recent Manifestation Matrix session with her, however, was the turning point that finally moved me forward and gave me the courage and support I needed to leave my sixteen year legal career behind and focus full time on my life purpose: a nutrition education website and coaching business.”

Becky Bishop, Connecticut

“You helped me find my brilliance”

“Kimberly Schneider has helped me develop myself and become somebody I did not know I could be. She has helped me find my brilliance.” 

Lynn Merves, Philadelphia, PA




“I can not imagine getting so far in my life with anyone else”

“When I first met Kim at her weekend workshop on Intuition I was initially struck by her incredible knowledge and verbal eloquence packaged in a very down to earth approachable person. Kim seems like she could be your best friend. She has the amazing ability of being able to put into words exactly what you want to know and have been thinking about asking before you were even aware that you wanted to ask. She is also able to zero in and re-language a question or statement to get to the real issues underlying the words. While at Kim’s live event I had the opportunity to speak to several people that were participating in her Alchemy of Business program. To a person, they all raved about working with her. I was so impressed I decided to invest in a VIP day of intensive coaching with Kim. Even before my formal coaching began, the things she asked me to think about started a transformational process for me and my business. Her approach was multifaceted and encompassed practical day to day reality as well as working on a spiritual and soul level. Kim is incredibly kind and warm, so I felt safe with her. At the same time, she didn’t miss a thing and consistently challenged me on underlying beliefs and perceptions that could get in the way of my success. I cannot imagine getting so far personally or business wise with anyone else. I looked forward to my sessions with Kim and always felt I came away much richer in terms of my growth and progress than when I started.”

Margie Lewis
San Francisco, California
6th Sense Media Consulting


“I might have been lost without Kim”

“I might have been lost within the dry desert of convention if I had not heard Kim’s call to come to the wild, moist edges of my soul.”


Mary Sue Schoellhorn
Columbia, Illinois




Kimberly works with individuals and groups in myriad ways, including:  





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